Building a 'CORE' the FML way by Jamie at the FML method
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Building a 'CORE' the FML way

In this course you will be walked through the FML method's 'CORE BLUEPRINT' of how to build a strong, stable, mobile and functioning core.  By focusing on the important pillars of how the body was designed to move.
Enrollment is closed

The important pillars of movement has become lost in rehabilitation, training, and sport, as everyone is focusing on bigger, better, faster.

In this course you will learn how small changes in how you move has big impacts on the overall function of your body.  Learning how to be stable yet stay mobile, how to be relaxed yet controlled in your movement, and to be both flexible and strong. It's in the details!

My goal is to give you all the necessary information to start creating a 'CORE' for strong and pain free movement! You will be walked through the FML method's 'CORE BLUEPRINT' to a strong, stable and mobile 'CORE' step by step.  Learn how to reconnect to areas of your body you have forgotten about, and how to regain control.  So you can move where and how YOU want to move.  Ultimately preventing those random aches & pains that limit your activity.

Creating Dynamic Posture Through Positive Tension

Empower yourself, so you can always make the best decisions for your own body in any situation you find yourself in.
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Get Yourself Moving Better Today, so You Can Live the Life You Want Tomorrow.

Rehabilitation, training, and sports, as a society focuses on quick fix solutions that don't always work.  Technology changes, etc.., but our bodies are still designed to work the same as the day we were born.

With all the information out there to be Googled and YouTubed, the PRINCIPLES of movement and exercise are hard to find, buried or lost. When we don't understand the details of what is supposed to happen in our bodies - it is hard to know, feel, and perform exercises or activities without stepping over the line of "Oops! That didn't feel so good". 

It's time to stop wondering around in a dark room hoping to one day find the light switch called a 'STRONGER CORE'

Let Me Help You.

I will help you get your life back! Empower you to make the best decisions for how and what to do to train and move your body to keep you off the sidelines of your own life.   Achieve body awareness; what areas you struggle to connect your brain to and the big area/s you need to focus on in order to rebuild a body what will last for the rest of your life.

I'll show you the big picture, break it down to the details, and then integrate it all back to the big picture of movement.  This way you will ALWAYS understand your body.

You Will Learn:

  • Essential Education About Your Body
  • How To Use Your Breath For Awareness & Stability
  • How To Create The HUB (aka your neutral pelvis)
  • How Your Thoracic Spine Connects To Your Pelvis
  • Learn How To Divorce & Then Rekindle The Connection Between Your Pelvis & Hips
  • How To Integrate The First 4 Principles Into The Big Picture
  • Learn How to Move Your Shoulder - Not Back and Neck 
  • The Forgotten Support