Unleash What Your Body is Truly Capable of.

I want you to realize your potential and that movement can happen with freedom and ease!

Leave the Thoughts of Being Broken and Incapable Behind.

Have you ever taken the time to assess or even notice where your body holds tension unless you're in crisis?

Have you ever considered that maybe what you consider normal aches and pains from age, an injury or something else out of your control may not be the case?

That what you consider ‘normal’ aches and pains is just a message from your body that it’s not moving optimally.

Have you ever considered that pain free living is possible, and that includes being free from those normal every day aches and pains!

I believe that every single person should be given the opportunity to learn about themselves allowing you to make the best decisions for your body in any situation you find yourself in.

I invite you...

...to leave your thoughts of being broken & incapable behind and all those extra things that you HAVE to do to survive in the past...

...and instead, to renew your strength, self reliance, happiness and to gain a fresh new outlook.

Hi I’m Jamie an Athletic Therapist owner of Physical Solutions and founder of the FML method.

I have spent 18 plus years in my private practice learning, analyzing, teaching, and specializing in movement.  Helping people with pain problems and helping them move beyond it.

I want to share a little bit of what the FML method is all about.
The FML method represents a way to help you become more aware of how small changes in the way you move or perform an exercise has big impacts on both the efficiency and effectiveness of that movement or exercise.  It compliments every fitness class and possible exercise that you could ever want to perform. It isn't just about the WHAT, it's about the HOW! 

This catchy (not so nice but can't help but laugh kinda way) acronym also represents many moments in my life.  It represents those moments when you have a million and one things to do and your 2 year old starts puking...FML :(  Those unplanned moments that send you for a loop (insert injury) and you have two choices on how you deal 1) to LOSE YOUR MIND or 2) laugh at it, deal with it and carry on because really what else can you do?

Everyone should have access to the knowledge of how to take care of their bodies and be confident in any daily task, without the fear of not being able to move the next day.  On those hard days you can drop a little 'FML' and carry on because you are at the start of a wonderful awareness journey in which there is no return!!

Are you satisfied with how your body moves and does it keep up with your state of mind?

Do you feel like your body is failing you or have you just given up or removed the activities that you struggle with?

Have you just resigned to the fact that it is just the way it is?

The FML method will provide you with a steady stream of exciting, eye opening, basic (but not easy) ways of moving that will last a lifetime ....

The FML method is not very active on social media (working on it :) )

PLEASE if you want to know what we are up to this is basically the only way! ​Get access to NEW information and get a taste of how I look at exercise.  I look forward to being a part of your journey, on whatever trail you're ready for. 



Get access to my fail proof 'CORE BLUEPRINT', that both teaches and shows you, STEP BY STEP, how to create the CORE you always wanted!

Movement Classes

Learn more about your body and the mechanics behind how to get the best results in your exercise efforts and to move with ease.
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Pain Management Resources

Learn to trouble shoot that area of discomfort, learn to look at it differently and ultimately help you move beyond it.
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Education Station

This is where you will find real life applications THAT WORK to create awareness to WHAT you're doing and HOW to change it if you need to.
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The FML Method - Applied in Fitness

Supporting Your Clients to Create a Strong and Stable Foundation to Prevent Injury.
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Building a 'CORE' the FML way

In this course you will be walked through the FML method's blueprint of how to build a strong, stable, mobile and functioning core.
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Bringing the World of Fitness & Rehab Together!

Mentorship Program
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'We Cannot Solve Our Problems With The Same Thinking We Used When We Created Them.'

                                                                                                                       - Albert Einstein -